Diamond Certificate

What is a Diamond Certificate? You will find all the information about your new diamond on the Diamond Certificate. The 4 C's are described in it, as well as the jewelry in which the diamond or diamonds are set.


With our jewelry you get our own Diamond certificate. We are therefore personally responsible for every diamond we deliver to you. Each certificate has a unique number and has been approved by a Diamond expert. You can also use it for your insurance, so keep it safe!

There are also International Diamond Certificates from independent institutions such as the GIA, HRD and IGI. In our shop on the Muntplein we have a large collection of high-end jewelery & loose diamonds, to which we supply these certificates. 

Then why not an international certificate on this website? When we have to request a certificate from GIA, HRD or IGI, there are costs involved. With smaller diamonds, the costs for the certificate are usually higher than the diamond itself. Would you prefer a certificate from the above institutes? Then that is of course possible, but we must charge you for the costs. In that case, take Contact us for more information.