Refund policy

Not satisfied with your purchase? Then you can return it and get your purchase amount refunded!

NB! Custom-made and/or personalized items cannot be exchanged. When in doubt, take contact with us.

How does it work?

After you go through itContact FormIf you have contacted us, you will receive an email from us with tips and instructions on how to return your purchase. Clearly state your details and the article number (which starts with a capital letter, followed by four digits, e.g. R 9039).

Keep the shipping receipt from the carrier well, so you always have proof that you have sent it.

Once your piece of jewelery has been delivered to us, our expert will check that it is still in its original condition and unworn, and your purchase receipt and any certificates also checked. 

Is everything all right? Then we will refund your purchase amount to your account within 14 days!

Here's everything in a nutshell:

  • you have the right to cancel your order up to 14 days after receipt without giving any reason
  • after cancellation you have another 14 days to return your product
  • only the costs for insured return from your home to the webshop are for your own account (consult the website of your carrier for the exact rates)
  • if you make use of your right of withdrawal, the product must be returned to the entrepreneur unworn, undamaged, with all accessories supplied and – if reasonably possible – in the original packaging*
  • To exercise this right, you can contact us via
  • we will then refund the order amount due including any shipping costs within 14 days after receipt of your return, provided that the product has been returned in good order

If the product is damaged, worn or the packaging is damaged more than necessary to sell the product, we can pass on this depreciation of the product to you. So treat the product with care and make sure that it is well packaged when you return it.


PAY ATTENTION! To prevent fraud, only our OWN EXPERTS can determine whether the item is still original, genuine and undamaged. Only then will we proceed to a refund!