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Zelf thuis je eigen trouwringen ontwerpen met de computer

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As soon as you have made your choice via our wedding ring configurator and sent a request, we will contact you. We do this after you have been able to design the wedding ring online, to check everything together and, if necessary, make any adjustments in consultation. Please allow 2 to 3 weeks for delivery. Don't hesitate to ask, we are here to help you!

How does our wedding ring configurator work?

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NB: Once you are in the area of our wedding ring configurator, you can also select other languages or currencies at the top right of the screen. 

We offer you the opportunity to design your own wedding ring online with the wedding ring configurator. Follow the steps to enter your choices and the wedding rings will automatically change with the image. Rotate them 360° on an enlarged screen or click on the model hands to see what they will look like on your big day! Would you rather get some inspiration first? Then first take a look at the ready-made designs. You can also adjust this to your own taste. In our jeweler in Amsterdam you can view and try on the different options up close.

It is also possible to design the rings together, where you can watch or make changes on your own computer screen. We are available to help you 7 days a week without obligation. So come in for a quick look or make an appointment so that we can take the time for you. We are happy to help you with online or offline design a wedding ring for a man and a woman!

       Ontwerp je eigen trouwringen met onze trouwringen configurator

Check out our tips for each step here:

Please note: At every step during the online design of your wedding ring via our wedding ring configurator, the price automatically changes according to the exchange rate at that moment. So keep in mind that there may be a small price difference - for example a week later.

  • Profiles:

The profiles are a cross-section of your ring. For example, you can opt for a flat, round or perhaps a faceted top. Or do you prefer a slightly more convex interior for more comfort?

  • Dimensions:

Choose the width, height and size of your ring. If desired, you can select the optimal ratio for the best proportions. By default, the sizing system is set to Universal. This is the circumference of the ring. But you can also choose the diameter table. You can find more information about how to measure your ring size yourself our Ring Size Measuring page.

  • precious metal:

Here you can choose from different precious metals and precious metal ratios when designing your wedding ring online. In the Netherlands it is common to use gold for wedding rings. Usually one goes for 14 or 18 carat gold, or 585 or 750. The latter indication indicates how many thousandths of a part of pure gold have been processed. For example, for 14kt/585 gold, 585 thousandths of pure gold is used and the rest is other precious metal. In other countries, 9 carat gold or 375 is also used, although in the Netherlands this cannot be called gold because it contains much less pure gold than other precious metals.

Please note: Higher gold grades may be too soft to hold diamonds securely in place or may bend easily. That is why we recommend choosing 14 or 18 carats. The price changes automatically based on the selected options.

You can also edit the surface of the wedding rings during this step in the wedding ring configurator. We propose to try out the different options and see in the image if this appeals to you. That's the handy thing about the wedding ring configurator: you can compare as much as you want!

Do you want to use multiple colors in your design? Then try out the color distribution. It may be that your ring is too narrow to use multiple colors next to each other. You can then go back to the "Dimensions" step to adjust your ring to a wider option.

  • Stones:

Are you going for more or less bling? Make the choice that suits you best! You can choose from different settings. Is it not possible to click on your favorite option? Perhaps the profile height of your ring is too low or the profile of your ring is not technically suitable for the setting of your choice. Then try to see if an adjustment in 'Profiles' or 'Dimensions' helps.

Do you choose stones? Then click on the setting of your choice and choose the number, size and, if possible, the stone type. Would you like to know more about the quality of diamonds? Then view our about page of 4 C's at sometime.


As the final step in designing your wedding ring online, you can also choose the position of the stones. The following also applies here: If you cannot choose a particular option, it is not technically possible. Adjusting 'Profiles' or 'Dimensions' may also provide a solution here.

  • Grooves/Edges:

For a playful and unique effect you can vary the grooves and edges. If you have arrived here, you will already have a good idea of how to use the configurator. Here too you can choose from different options, after which once you have made your choice you can again select multiple widths and depths.

  • Gravure:

The last step of the wedding ring configurator. With this function you can place the most extensive engravings. Choose your own font or place a symbol at the 'Laser Engraving' button. You can also choose the 'Individual Engraving' button where you can have a fingerprint, photo or even the sound waves of an audio recording engraved in your wedding ring!

If you want to place an individual engraving, you must download the free Engraving Creator app. This is simpler than it seems. Above 'engraving text', choose the 'Individual Engraving' option. Then click on the blue 'create custom engraving' button. Then choose the 'Individual' option with the fingerprint icon and follow the instructions to download the free app or connect immediately via 'Connect app' if you have already downloaded the Engraving Creator app.

Please contact us if you have any questions or difficulties

Please contact us at the contact form or use the blue chat button at the bottom right of the page if you have problems designing your wedding ring online via our wedding ring configurator. Of course you can always visit our store in Amsterdam to buy a wedding ring or make an appointment if you need a little more time.

Have fun!